Public Sustainable Infrastructure Fund

We are excited to introduce PSIF, coming to market soon.

Our goal is to deliver stable long-term and predictable income to investors by investing in social infrastructure assets. PSIF is being established with a portfolio of seed assets, offering our investors an immediate return from a diversity of operational projects.

We invest in high quality, low-risk operational projects that have a positive ESG impact.  

Along with a financial return, delivering meaningful impact is core to our Fund’s purpose. Our corporate and Fund ESG initiatives are reflective of the change we would like to see in the social infrastructure market.  

PSIF benefits from a truly robust governance framework

Plenary Group has no voting rights in respect of investment or valuation related matters which instead reside with PFM and its Investment Committee and Investment Valuation Committee. We have implemented appropriate arm’s length processes for related party dealings and independent representation on the Investment Committee and Valuation Committee, with additional oversight by our Investor Advisory Group. We have implemented arm’s length processes and independent representation on the Investment Committee and Valuation Committee, with additional oversight by our Investor Advisory Group. 

Investors’ participation via the Investor Advisory Group includes the approval of any related party transactions or engagements, appointment of the independent Investment Committee and Valuation Committee members, and a review of all asset valuations, among other responsibilities. 

We also sought an independent trustee, comprised of majority external directors. We have tasked our trustee with additional services for a higher level of governance and to ensure that we are complying with our ongoing compliance and risk management requirements.  

PSIF will not have other competing funds and clients within PFM, ensuring it maximises capital deployment, enhances diversification and that decisions are made in the best interests of our Fund investors. 

Co-investment opportunities will only be offered where the Fund is unable to take to take up the full available stake owing to liquidity or diversification restrictions.

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© Plenary Funds Management 2023   |   AFSL 535601